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We are a trusted business partner on whom firms rely on to help achieve their business objectives. Epoch FPO is a global finance outsourcing organisation that consistently provides exceptional service to our customers. We are proud to be regarded as trendsetters in an always-evolving business world where value for money, attention to detail, and low-cost overheads are key.

We provide low-cost outsourced finance processing tasks to clients in Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States and provide opportunities for developing firms to enhance their Accounting and Finance skills.

This benefits those who are looking to effectively manage their overheads and lower their operating costs and administrative expenditures through providing the following services.


Finance process outsourcing provides end-to-end services to improve, standardise, and automate core financial operations of a business.

Our mission is to ensure your company's financial transactions and records are maintained in a timely and accurate manner. As a result, key decision-makers at all levels can depend on comprehensive finance reports that give professional insights into your business operations.

Our highly competent team can handle the non-customer facing activities of the organisation that need to be performed with accuracy, and with minimal cost. We support our customers across all aspects of their administration and data entry needs.

We support you by acting as a strategic partner on a continuous basis to help you achieve your business goals. We can support you in a virtual, part time or temporary basis to ensure the management team has key financial and strategic decision-making tools.

Data is often talked about as the new currency or new "Oil". If you have the right tools and technologies and capabilities to analyse your data in detail - not just as legacy reports or Excel sheets - it can give you a whole lot of never-before-seen insights into your business.

With our partners, we support a wide range of accounting and add-on software packages both on-premises or cloud configured. Every business is different, and our goal is to ensure your systems meet your organisations unique needs.


Barnaby Lane
Batt Corp
Mirfak Pty Ltd
Peters Commodities
Pool Buoy
Rock Paper Floor


"We are a global company with 25 years experience in International Trade. We have been wanting to take the plunge into opening up a virtual business office overseas for some time now but we just didn’t know the best way to go about it. Controlling costs were one thing however, more importantly we didn’t want to compromise our standards and reputation. Thank goodness we found Amila and his team at Epoch FPO. The level of experience and FPO services they offer made it a seamless process to meet all our objectives in finding high quality staff to suit our business model. We look forward to continuing to work with Epoch FPO as our business grows into the future.”

Scott Anson

General Manager. Peters Commodities Pty Ltd - Australia

We specialise in accounting and finance, as well as data entry, and can provide talent and expertise for general administrative duties. Through our group of companies, we also offer Finance Manager and Virtual CFO services.

We are a reputed and recognised Finance Process Outsourcing partner and a preferred option as the go-to outsourcing organisation for English-speaking nations. We provide a low-cost alternative to pricey on-shore FTEs, have become a 100 percent remote Finance Services Provider.

Our people are what makes our business unique!

We want our local talent to grow and thrive, and as a result, contribute to the success of our clients' businesses.

We are more than just a Sri Lankan organisation; we have directors and partners from all over the world who bring their experience and expertise to the table. This allows us to provide exceptional, value-based service with our Sri Lankan workforce while also guaranteeing that our clients interact and engage with local connections.

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