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Qualified Workforce

No other regional destination has a better equipped qualified workforce than Sri Lanka when it comes to Finance and Accounting professions. Sri Lanka has the largest pool of United Kingdom certified finance professionals outside of UK.

Developed Infrastructure

For any outsourced business operation, having reliable infrastructure is critical. Sri Lanka is known to have very reliable power and high-speed internet facilities across the main economic hubs around the country. 

High Literacy Rate

As a result of the highly regarded free education system in the country, Sri Lanka is poised to boast a 98% literacy rate above all other destinations. This naturally enriches the English literacy and ICT Literacy of the workforce which is essential to delivering high-quality finance services to clients across the globe.

Excellent Business Environment

Outsourcing your work to us here in Sri Lanka may be a straightforward transaction in most cases. But in a case where it becomes complex engagement such as setting up a joint venture or any other complex business partnership, the country's legal and financial policies are well geared to facilitate the dynamic business needs of a global client.

Wage Comparison

With over 40,000 newly skilled individuals entering the workforce in this sector the wages have always stayed competitive compared to the other countries in the region. Having the ability to offer a qualified and skilled workforce gives us the edge to deliver premium value to global clients.

Strategic Location

Being positioned at GMT 5.30+ gives us a strategic advantage as having the daylight spread to cover all the way up to Australia-New Zealand in the Eastern side and the Middle East to Europe on the Western side. Even for the United States and Canada us being literally 12 hours apart gives us the advantage of working one full business day ahead.

Why Sri Lanka?

For any country to be an excellent outsourcing destination it has to fulfil several pre-requisites. We believe among them skilled workforce, competitive wages, English and ICT literacy rate, business-friendly legal and financial policies as a nation, easy to reach location, and robust communication and power infrastructure play the most pivotal role.

Sri Lanka - the paradise island in the Indian Ocean is business heaven when it comes to meeting these internationally benchmarked requirements. We are more than just a Sri Lankan organisation; we have directors and partners from all over the world who bring their experience and expertise to the table. This allows us to provide exceptional, value-based service with our Sri Lankan workforce while also guaranteeing that our clients interact and engage with local connections.

Our people are what makes our business unique! We want our local talent to grow and thrive, and as a result, contribute to the success of our clients' businesses.

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